Memory Foam Body Pillow 30 inch Microfiber Blue

Memory Foam Body Pillow 30 inch Microfiber Blue

Jaxx Rest memory foam body pillow in microfiber blue from Foam Labs. 30 inches by 14 inches.Body pillow allows your body to relax in natural, comfortable positions while relieving pressure and reducing tension in your shoulders, hips and back. The heat sensitive, viscoelastic foam molds to your body as you slumber, lounge or laze about, offering just the right amount of support. Extraordinarily comfortable to spoon or cradle between the knees. Made of premium 5-pound density shredded memory foam - the highest grade available. Machine washable microfiber cover. Made in USA.

  • Product ID: 001931
  • Dimensions: 30 inches × 14 inches
  • Covers can be machine washed.
  • Made in USA.
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